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320 Beech Road, Route 61 North, Deer Lake, PA 17961
Phone 570-366-0100 - Fax 570-366-0101
It's Just Barbecue
is committed to providing
Real, Slow Cooked, Wood Smoked Barbecue
All of our meats are cooked over
just like we do in barbecue competitions.

Our Pulled Pork is cooked up to 18 hours,
and our
Smoked Brisket at least 7 hours.
In fact, our
Ribs go through a three stage cooking process
that involves
smoking, roasting, and grilling. Even our
Chicken is smoked for over 2 hours, yet thanks to our slow,
wood fired cooking,
all our meats are the most tender and
juicy you've ever tasted.

So whether you want to eat-in, take-out,
or feed a group,  come join us for some
Real Barbecue at its Best.